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The long running flight simulator game returns

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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Microsoft Flight is the successor to the famous Microsoft Flight Simulator game series. As its name implies, a flight simulator lets you take a variety of aircraft to the skies. Acting as pilot, you can now fly to various locations around the globe in your virtual airplane.

Microsoft's previous flight sim, Flight Simulator, was more of a “serious” game that valued realism over pure entertainment value. In fact, many real-world pilots have used it as a training aid. Microsoft Flight, on the other hand, is not targeted towards people who are, or who want to be, pilots in real life. Rather, it is a game for everyone that is interested in aviation, but does not want to get too bogged down in the technical details of flying. Therefore, the feel of the game would be a lot more casual.

When you get started, Microsoft Flight will explain how the game works through easy to follow tutorials, which do not require any previous flying experience, whether in the real world or in a simulator. At the start of the game, the player will take place in an Icon A5 light sport aircraft, which is known for its easy maneuverability, taking off from Hawaii. Microsoft chose the Hawaii location mainly due to its breathtaking scenery. Players can either complete missions and challenges, or use the game in free flight mode, which lets them check out the Big Island of Hawaii in their airplane.

Microsoft Flight gives players improved scenery and terrain, new aircraft types, as well as better realism than games in the Flight Simulator series. One of the best features is the revamped weather engine, which is now able to simulate detailed weather effects very well. The graphic models were also vastly improved, especially the lighting around the aircraft and the more detailed cockpit models. Players can adjust the realism settings, which can go from an “arcade” feel that would benefit those without any flight experience, to ultra-realistic settings for those who can fly a plane in real life. The graphic settings can also be adjusted, however when the settings are pushed to maximum realism, the game may have performance issues, especially on less powerful computers.

Unfortunately, development of Microsoft Flight has been cancelled in July 2012. The game will remain free to download, however additional content, such as terrains and aircraft, will no longer be available to purchase. Multiplayer features are expected to be shut down in October 2014, but this will not affect the single player mode.


  • Easy to play, even for non-pilots.
  • Excellent scenery, graphics and weather effects.
  • Simple tutorials that let the player learn the basics of Flight quickly.
  • Game is available free to download and play.


  • Depending on graphic realism settings, game may feel "laggy" on slower PCs.
  • Game development has been discontinued, meaning no more new downloadable content available for purchase and multiplayer mode shutting down in October 2014.

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